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All-in-one HD Switcher and titler
The most real innovated multi-camera live graphics production system based on video switcher. You can create impressive HD CG on live events, houses of worships, presentation and sports events. It’s just like a professional television studio. Simply enjoy seamless video switching between multiple HD video sources through HD-SDI and HDMI. ez-CGER (Model : VM4)
let you tell your story effectively.


ez-cger VM4

Remote Console and GUI Control

Using a single console, you can control both the video switching and computer graphics.
There is no need to check the switcher and the computers during live events. You only need one console.





ez-VM4 Complimentary Software

Complimentary CG software

LUMANTEK provides complimentary CG software, ez-CGER, available for download from LUMANTEK website. It has a very easy user interface, and you will be able to quickly learn how to use the software.






Scaled Outputs

There are 2 output ports with scaling capabilities. 1 x VGA and 1 x HDMI. You can change the resolution as needed.






Operation through USB 3.0

All graphics created with ez-CGER software are passed to ez-CGER VM4 through USB 3.0.
You can also maneuver the video and the effects through the software.






ez-CGER VM4 back

ez-CGER [VM4]

Input Ports

2 x HDMI/SDI interchangeable
2 x SDI

1 pair x XLR External Audio

Computer Graphics:
1 x USB 3.0

1 x RS422

ez-CGER [VM4]

Output Ports

1 x VGA (scaled output)
1 x HDMI (scaled output)
1 x SDI


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