ez‐Pro VS10 (NEW 2019)

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10 x 1 switcher good for live events but with more ports than before. More screens to monitor in a single switcher with a larger touch screen to control.

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More Switcher for Everyone!

Again, LUMANTEK gives you another switcher good for live events but with more ports than before. More screens to monitor in a single switcher with a larger touch screen to control.

ez-VS10 vision mixer Lumantek




Customizable video switcher for your preference.

You can choose from many layouts to show the multiview screen.
You can move them as you want and name as you want.
Configure your own layout through our utility (Win OS or Mac OS), save it on a USB disk,
and plug it into VS10 to load your layout.

➊ Button Mapping

➋ Multiview Layout

evs button mapping ez-VS10 Lumantek multiview
Assign video sources to console buttons of your preference. Choose different multiview layouts and assign sources as you want!

Perfect harmony with ez-CGER mini
for live titling and graphics!

All ez-Pro VS10 SDI inputs can take in Fill & Key signals.
Connect LUMANTEK’s “ez-CGER mini” with ez-Pro VS10 and broadcast your video with Live Titling and Graphics!


ez-VS10 Lumantek

Intuitive LCD Touchscreen and PTZ control through Joy-stick control

All key menu or functions can be adjusted with touchscreen smoothly and extremely easily operated with rotary switch or Joy stick.

All 10 inputs built in Scaler

ez-Pro VS10 comes with internal scalers in all input ports. Adjust freely using our touch screen menu.
ez-VS10 vision mixer

ez-VS10 Chroma key, PIP (Picture in Picture)

Twice the Basic Features

ez-Pro VS10 has 2 Picture in Picture (PIP) capabilities, 2 Still Image which covers the whole screen, and Luma and Chroma Keyer. You can mix both features and key out the PIP and assimilate a hand language translator PIP.

Quiet Fan for your comfort

LUMANTEK carefully calibrated the fan noise to provide more comfort to its users while enabling the switcher to operate at its maximum performance.
ez-VS10 switcher fill and key any port

Any ports are Fill & Key

VS10 allows to set any SDI input ports as Fill or Key.

Transfer with USB disk

It is easy to transfer your settings to VS10. Use the VS10 Utility software to save settings into your USB disk. Then plug the USB into VS10 to transfer settings, media, and new firmware.
ez-VS10 vision mixer Lumantek

PROGRAM/ MULTIVIEW display at LCD screen

LCD screen is able to display Program and Multiview when you touch the screen.
ezVS10 vision mixer Lumantek
Input Ports
8 x SDI
2 x HDMI

1 pair x XLR

Output Ports
2 x SDI (AUX 1 & 2)
1 x SDI (Clean)
1 x SDI (Preview)
2 x SDI (Program)
1 x HDMI (Program)
1 x HDMI (Multiview)

1 pair x XLR


Extended channels

After the development of ez-Pro VS4, user feedback has been gathered from around the world. Good things and bad things were thought to apply to our next product. ez-Pro VS10 is the result of such ideas.



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